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Installation Fitness Products

Floor preparation is one of the most important steps of the installation process. The sub-floor of your area needs to be smooth, hard and level. Wood and concrete make excellent bases for rubber matting. You must remember that your rubber fitness flooring will contour to whatever is under it.

After the sub-floor of your gym is smooth and properly cleaned, it is time to begin custom fitting the rubber matting to your gym floor.  Properly fitting your new fitness matting is just as important as picking the right flooring for your particular project. Our team here at view fitness matting and flooring as an investment in your gym. This is because a correctly installed fitness floor will last for many years.  We are committed to standing by our customers every step of the way. We are here not only to assist you in purchasing the right product, but are willing to share our combined 25+ years of experience in properly installing your new rubber matting.’s Fitness Products have been used by some of the most prestigious fitness centers and gyms for high schools, colleges, and universities all across the United States with everlasting success for many years. Solid Rubber Athletic Matting and Rolled Rubber Flooring are who we are and what we do. We are always eager to take the time to discuss the different fitness flooring and equipment options available for your particular project and give you all the information that you will need in order to make an educated buying decision.

Over the last decade and a half, we have assisted thousands of customers in purchasing fitness flooring and accessories for their facilities. Many of these customers have even decided to partake in our Fitness Center Design services. After thousands of projects since our first Fitness Center Flooring Design over fourteen ago, we feel confident that there are not any fitness flooring problems or questions we have encountered and not found a solution. 

If after reading through this site you are still faced with some unanswered questions about fitness flooring and equipment, or would like more information on our products and services, please do not hesitate in calling us right away. Alf and Will are here to serve you Monday through Friday from 9:00 AM to 5:30 PM EST.

Interlocking 1/2" Mat Installation Guide

Our MPTV4-4x3IL interlocking tiles have quickly become a very popular choice for residential fitness flooring. These tiles are made from a premium blend of low odor rubber that has a softer feel and is easier to work with than the standard .” thick options. These 3’x4’x1/2” 30lb tiles make for a quick and easy install. Below are some tips and illustrations that we hope will assist you in installing your new flooring. Feel free to call us if you have any additional questions. 


Step #1. Find the center point of each wall in the room. 





Step #2. Pop a chalk line running from each point on the opposite walls to create an “X” on the floor. Where the two lines intersect will represent the center point of your floor. 




Step #3. Measure your tile and find the center point of each side.




Step #4. Center your first tile in the middle of the room by lining up the marks on the mat will the chalk lines on the floor. After positioning the tile re-measure to make sure it is properly centered.





Step #5. Proceed by laying all of the whole tiles you can. This will fill in the middle of the floor and make cutting the outside edges much easier.





It is now time to start cutting your outside edge pieces. You will want to start in the middle of your longest wall. It is best to fill in the longer walls in the room first and then cut the shorter walls. Any mats that need to be cut to go around objects or into doorways should be left for last. 


Step #6. Measure from the female interlocking tab to the wall. Since walls can sometimes run out of square you will want to measure both edges of the tile. 




Step #7. Transfer your measurement to the tile to be cut. When marking the tile to be cut you will measure from the male interlocking tab. We suggest using a bic whiteout pen to mark the mats.




Step #8. Use a 4’ drywall T square as a straight edge and a razor knife to cut the mat. Simply score alongside the T square with your razor blade until you cut through the rubber.





Step #9. Lay your cut mat into place. Use a hammer to tap down the interlocking tabs until everything is flush.





Continue these steps to complete the floor.


























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