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Stall Mats
are who we are and
what we do.

TheRubberman.com interlocking stall mats and installation services have been revered by some of the most prestigious racetracks, boarding operations, breeding farms, veterinary clinics and major universities as well as many small farm owners all across the United States.

Stall Mats are who we are and what we do.

What our Customers have to say

  • - Clasing Equestrian - Dr. Shauna Spurlock - Lovettsville, VA
  • - Christian McCutcheon - Louisville, Kentucky
  • Hi Will,

    Thought you like to see this. Turned out great. Unfortunately the barn wasn't square so I needed to cut all but three of the mats against the barn, which made for a lot of waste and grumbling. But it looks great. I have an hour of little bits to finish but super pleased. 




    - Heath Kizzier | VP - Four Oaks Farm Products - SIMI VALLEY, CA
  • Will, 

    I have been very impressed with the precision fit of these mats. As an aircraft mechanic, pilot and gunsmith, I am used to working to very close tolerances and these mats are cut with very acceptable precision. When we first got the mats, I tried several ways to cut them and the only one that works with great results is the use of a sharp utility knife (razor knife), aluminum T square as used in sheetrock work and a silver marking marker. It takes multiple cuts but the results look like the edges were laser cut. I can't even begin to estimate the hundreds of feet of mats that I've cut, but I bragged to Jennifer last night after the last cut that by the grace of God and a lot of luck, I avoided bleeding for the cause with a slipped knife blade. I'd rather be lucky than good.

    I use the remnants of the cuttings for my two post car lift as spacer pads for the lifting arms for symmetrical lifting and other various uses in my shop.

    Thanks for your help and the great mat placement diagrams that made putting them in place a snap. Loading, unloading and dragging them into position was also a great workout which I substituted for my regular workouts when I was installing them.

    Jennifer is well pleased as well as me.

    Take care, be safe and aware.

    Bill Mercure

    - Bill Mercure - Toccoa, GA

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