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What makes your rubber flooring products better than other similar products?

Manufacturing processes used by The Rubberman have been perfected over decades of experience in the industry. Our expertise in rubber manufacturing allows us to use the highest quality rubber in all our products. In addition to our expertise, we are also committed to providing the best customer service and the lowest prices. 

Do you use recycled materials in your rubber products?

Yes. Our eco-friendly, recycled rubber is higher quality than what is used by many other rubber manufacturers and distributors. In our recycling process, we remove metals and fibers, and then these rubber raw materials are then melted down and remolded into solid sheets of rubber. We then add a proprietary polymer to the recycled materials, which makes our rubber mats as close to the construction of natural rubber as possible. Re-vulcanized rubber using raw materials of this quality will not crack, curl, crumble, or dry rot.

Why should I choose rubber mats and flooring for my barn, stable, and stalls?

Rubber stall matting is more comfortable, durable, and provides a more even surface to help avoid slips and falls. Made from 100% vulcanized and re-vucanized rubber, our rubber mats are designed to provide cushioning, comfort and traction which reduces stress on joints, as well as back and leg strains that can lead to animal injuries. Plus, it’s easy to clean and maintain. Rubber stable and stall flooring also helps to improve air quality, which is important for your horses’ respiratory health.

Does specialize in equine flooring products?

Yes. For over 20 years, we have been the leading supplier of rubber barn flooring, horse stall mats, and other rubber flooring products used by the equine industry. Our products have earned the respect of many of the most prestigious racetracks, boarding operations, breeding farms, veterinary clinics and major universities – as well as thousands of small farm owners – across the United States. 

Our flooring technicians have decades of hands-on experience in the equine industry. Many are lifelong members of the equestrian community. There is no rubber flooring related question or challenge that we have not encountered and solved.

What is your most popular equine flooring product?

Our one-piece rubber stall mats are veterinary-grade rubber, so they are the highest quality in the industry. From the industry-standard straight edge 4'x6'x3/4" stall mats to our premium one-piece flooring, we offer the best value in the stable flooring industry. 

Why should I use for gym/fitness flooring?

For over 25 years, our rubber flooring is the go-to for both commercial and home gyms. It’s durable, resilient and comfortable - perfect for all fitness activities since it reduces impact on your joints, increases traction and stability which reduces the chance of injury from slipping, and protects your equipment from drops. Installation is easy! We have a large variety of sizes and thicknesses to choose from, all at the best prices.

Where can I get your products?

We have seven warehouses located throughout the U.S., which stock all our most popular flooring products, and ship directly to your address.

Should I be concerned about delivery? These mats are heavy!

For large sections of flooring, our carriers are aware of the weight and size of what they are moving and use a pallet jack and lift gate to move the product. Once the mats are at your location, you will likely need two people to handle the product.

How long does it take to install rubber horse stall flooring?

Most people can install a typical horse stall mat in about an hour.  

How do I install rubber barn flooring?

Every project is different, but for a basic explanation of the process, visit our barn flooring installation page.

What is the best way to clean rubber flooring?

Check out our instructions on cleaning rubber flooring here

I know you do rubber flooring, but do you have other rubber products?

Yes. Because of our expertise in rubber products it just makes sense for us to offer other rubber-based items, such as landscaping, outdoor, and agriculture-related products. Check out these items here

What if I have other questions about rubber flooring products?

We’re here to help! Feel free to contact us via email at or call 877-275-8253.