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FLEXGARD® TRU-PAVE Interlocking Rubber Pavers

1 3/4" Paver
  • Size: 1¾" x 7¾" x 6¼" - Red

  • $ 3.85

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FLEXGARD® TRU-PAVE Interlocking Rubber Pavers provide a simple yet attractive way to decorate and protect areas around barns, businesses, homes, gardens, and more. The dog-bone shape easily combines to form a variety of layouts, sizes, and designs. Interlocking Rubber Pavers are durable, highly resilient, and can withstand harsh outdoor elements. Pavers also provide good foot cushioning, comfortability, and anti-fatigue properties. Easy to install, shape, modify, and saw-cut.

  • 100% FLEXGARD® Recycled Rubber
  • Excellent Traction
  • Utmost Performance
  • Anti-Fatigue Properties
  • Animal Safety
  • Equine Flooring
  • Garden Pathways
  • Anti-Slip Protection
  • Service Roads
  • Saddling Areas
  • Walkways
  • Wash Bays
  • Aisle Ways
  • Barn Areas
  • Patios