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Premium Grade Punter® Top Interlocking Stall Mats

Premium Grade Punter® Interlocking Stall Mats
  • Size: 3/4" x 46 ⅝" x 69 ⅞"
  • Color: Black

  • $ 124.95

  • QTY

Available in pre-sized kits for quick and easy ordering. See optional layouts and sizes below!

Our Premium Grade Punter® Top Stall Mats are made from high quality fully vulcanized rubber that provides increased tensile strength, and virtually no odor. They are incredibly durable and work perfectly in horse stalls, fitness centers, weight rooms, and other high-stress applications. These mats provide a healthy natural environment while insulating stalls and floors against cold and damp conditions. They also abosorb shock and without a doubt are the best solution for your flooring needs. FLEXGARD® Premium Stall Mats require no adhesive for installation. Easy to maintain.

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  • 100% FLEXGARD® Premium Rubber
  • Non-Slip Surface
  • Interlocking Design
  • Superior Impact Protection
  • No Odor
  • Anti-Fatigue
  • Punter® Raised Football Design
  • Horse Barns
  • Weight Rooms
  • Multipurpose Areas
  • Ice Rinks
  • Tack Rooms
  • Horse Trailers
  • Wash Rack Areas
  • Fitness Areas
  • Locker Rooms
Example Layouts

Choose from our easy, pre-sized kits below to get the size and components you need!


10' x 10' Interlocking Stall Mat Kit
(includes 5 pieces)

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10' x 12' Interlocking Stall Mat Kit
(includes 5 pieces)

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12' x 12' Interlocking Stall Mat Kit
(includes 6 pieces)

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12' x 14' Interlocking Stall Mat Kit
(includes 7 pieces)

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12' x 16' Interlocking Stall Mat Kit
(includes 8 pieces)

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14' x 14' Interlocking Stall Mat Kit
(includes 9 pieces)

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